Everyone loves the instant gratification of a superior pump in the gym.  There’s just something about increased vascularity that feels right – like this is what lifting should feel like.  Every body builder already knows there is more to a pump then just looking big; it’s also about getting the oxygen and nutrition you need to build solid muscle. So how does it work? Increased vascularity is caused by the relaxing of blood cells and the enlarging of each cell individually.  A bigger blood cell can carry more nutrition to your body with even greater benefit than the pump.  More nutrition delivered means faster growth and quicker recovery.  This means without a Molotok pump you’ve never truly tapped into the greatest potential of your diet, supplement and genetic combination.

Increasing vascularity is about more than just having a painfully powerful pump hours after the gym; it’s about getting the most out of the money you’re already spending on your entire nutrition regiment. That’s why we have created a no fluff, hammer hard vasodilator (pump). There is only so much you can fit into these little pills, and we want you to get the most out of every workout and every dollar you spend on supplements, so we cut the BS and went straight to the goods. Only necessary support products are packed tight into each serving ensuring you stay on a pro lift level.  For those of you just starting out with a pump product, or if you’re a weekend warrior, please consult the dosing instructions.






Dosing instructions:  Molotok is designed for pro lifters on high calorie diets.  A full dose is 8 capsules. For an extended work out take half the dose 15 to 30 minutes prior to lifting and the other half before your first set. It is suggested that amateur lifters and weekend warriors begin by taking half a dose (4 capsules) 15 to 30 minutes prior to work out.  WARNING: THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS INGREDIENTS IN THE UPPER LIMITS FOR A 2000 CALORIE DIET AND A FULL DOSE SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN FOR EXTENDED PERIODS WITHOUT APPROPRIATE CALORIE INTAKE.